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Who doesn't love Japanese cuisine! Japanese ingredients and foods provide a sublime culinary experience and pleasure. The unique flavours of Japanese ingredients & cuisine are inextricably mixed with aesthetics, tradition, culture, and rich history. They are easy to cook, wholesome, and nourishing.

For those of you who have fallen in love with the charms of Japanese cuisine and want to try your hand at cooking up a culinary delight, here's a handy simplified shopping list. (Yes, you do need authentic Japanese ingredients to get that authentic Japanese taste!)

What's Cooking, Japan?

The ingredients used make up for a major part of the genuine taste experience. The Japanese ingredients like rice, noodles, sauces and pastes, etc differ from the regular ingredients. If you start cooking with the right kind of ingredients, you will be whipping up authentic Japanese delicacies that will have everyone drooling for more!

Sushi Rice

Everyday is Sushi day! It is a delightful plate of happiness! For authentic Japanese cooking you will require Japanese short-grain rice. It is also called ‘Sushi Rice.’ The rice grains differ from the regular variety in being short and plump. They also cling together when properly cooked

Cooking Sake

Cooking Sake,is used as a seasoning and glazing agent in Japanese cooking. It is a type of rice wine that adds a distinct sweetness to dishes. Cooking Sake enhances the overall flavour of a dish.

Sushi Nori Sheet

Nori is a dried edible seaweed used in Japanese cuisine. It has a strong and distinctive flavour and is often used to wrap rolls of sushi (rice balls). Explore Nori sheets here.


Spicy and pungent in flavour, Wasabi is commonly served with sushi and sashimi - it has a fiery and spicy taste. Wasabi has a pungent flavour and gives a hit of heat as soon as you take the first bite. Its unique taste and smell stimulates and invigorates the senses. Wasabi is available as a dried powder or in a tube as a paste. If you are someone who loves Japanese food, then you know how delicious wasabi paste tastes.

Soba (Buckwheat)

Made from buckwheat flour, or a combination of buckwheat and wheat flours, Soba Noodles is a key staple in Japanese cuisine. It can be served chilled with a dipping sauce, or served in a hot broth as a noodle soup.

Udon Noodles

Udon Noodles are thick, slippery and smooth. In other words, they are lusciously delicious! Udon Noodles can be served in a hot noodle soup, or served cold with dipping, or even served in a curry sauce or just stir-fried.

The Flavours of Japan at Stalks N Spice

Stalks N Spice has a wide range of Authentic Japanese ingredients and other imported ingredients that caters to every taste, recipe and application. We have some of the best brands in our Japanese Gourmet Food Store such as Riso Scotti, Yokoso, Sakura, Kokuho, Topps, etc.,. We also have a ready stock of different types of Sushi Rice, Noodles, Cooking Sake, powders, and pastes among others.

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