Real Healthy Juices in India You Should Try

Healthy juices consist of minerals and vitamins that keep you fit and active. There are juices that give you the goodness of 100% fruit juice- with 0% Added Sugars!

Real Healthy Juices in India You Should Try

In a sultry country like ours, juice is an ever popular drink. Juices quench the thirst, refresh the mind and help our body replenish the lost nutrients. They come in various forms - freshly made real fruit juices, packaged juices with or without fruit extracts, carbonated beverages etc,.

But though juices are loved by all, they are quite controversial when it comes to the question of determining how healthy and real the drink actually is. The main deterrent to categorize the beverage as 'healthy' is the high sugar content in it. Lack of fibre content is another setback.

So Can a Juice be Tasty & Healthy?

The answer is a definite YES! Delightfully refreshing, juices can provide you with a healthy dose of fruit/vegetable. They pack a lot more of the essentials into one glass than a plateful of the same veggie/fruit. A glass of juice can easily fit into a hectic lifestyle.

Healthy juices consist of minerals and vitamins that keep you fit and active. There are juices that give you the goodness of 100% fruit juice- with 0% Added Sugars and 0% Added Preservatives. You can safely juice up with healthy juices and savour the taste of 100% fruit juice with the goodness of phytonutrients for a nourished, balanced lifestyle.

Juice up your lifestyle!

Here are some nutrient packed juices that will leave you refreshed.

1. Apple

Apple is the best that health-conscious, fitness-savvy individuals can ask for. Apple is fat free and low in sodium, yet rich in antioxidants, essential nutrients, and dietary fiber. For the love of apples, Apple real fruit juice is the one you should be trying.

2. Orange carrot

A juice made from oranges and sweet crispy carrots is a wonderful way to stay healthy. Carrots are rich in antioxidant nutrients ß-Carotene and oranges are rich in Vitamin C. While the ß-Carotene gets converted into Vitamin A which helps maintain vision and skin health, the Vitamin C, a nutrient that helps strengthen immunity. Together, they are the easiest and healthiest way for you to lead an active life.

3. Beetroot Carrot

Juice made from beetroot and carrot is one of the best healthy juices, rich in natural antioxidant nutrient ß-Carotene. ß-Carotene, through body physiological activity gets converted into Vitamin A, which is helpful for a healthy vision and skin.

4. Cucumber Spinach Juice

This fruit and vegetable juice is your perfect start for an active day. It is rich in the goodness of mixed fruits and vegetables. If taken on a daily basis, it can provide you all that you need to stay healthy. Have you tried the Real Cucumber Spinach juice yet?

Real Juices by Real!

Réal Activ is a range of unsweetened juices that has No Added Sugars or Preservatives. It is one of the leading fruit juice brands in India. Réal Activ juices are made from concentrated fruit extracts, with the same amount of water as found in the original fruit. So all you get is pure fruit. The colour of the juice is as natural as the fruit itself. Réal Activ's Tetra Pak technology keeps the juices fresh for 6 months. Hence there is no need to add any harmful ingredient, keeping your juice natural.

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